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What is Print Minis?

Print Minis is a small sculpting team founded by Andy & Gem to create epic collections of 3D sci-fi miniatures each month. Our models are 3D printable using an SLA resin printer for use in your tabletop games or to paint as collectors sets.

We create 30+ miniatures for the collections every month! They include a balance of characters, robots/ aliens, vehicles and terrain. The collections are cohesive and are based in the same Dieselpunk world. We pre-support all the miniatures and test them extensively on our printers, so you can simply click & print.

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Print Minis Merchants

On our Tirbes channel we also have a tier for merchants, giving people a license to sell the printed versions of our 3D miniatures. This is a great option if you'd like to start earning money from your hobby! It also means if you don't have a 3D printer, you can buy copies of our physical miniatures from these independent sellers.

We have a list of the merchants that have provided their store details to us here:

Our Merchants

What's in November's STL collection?


Expedition Release storyline:

"There was something unusual in Kaltoss. It was on the snowy wind-blown plateau above the region's largest city where they first noticed the blue light. A team from Heluvik was promptly sent to investigate. They discovered an ancient relic, possibly once part of a larger spaceship, surrounded by strange blue crystals growing from the ground and throughout the snow and rock in the vicinity.

Soon, a huge state-of-the-art base (Alpha Norsk) was set up on the plateau and research was underway into the properties of this alien find. Heluvik's top scientists were housed in the vast complex, and a team of skilled miners were drafted in to extract the crystal from the earth and ice.

Kaltoss may seem desolate at first glance, but beneath its extreme façade is a thriving, snowy ecosystem with many unique plants & animals. Norsk's crew were soon cheered up by the presence of the adorable Delfox, who became like family pets at the base. However, more dangerous things also lurked on the outskirts and Alpha Norsk was regularly attacked by a terrifying predator species known as the Grikka. The attacks got so bad that an elite team of soldiers were brought in and tasked with hunting the terrible beasts.

As the research continued, the crystals proved to be an incredible discovery. Nothing on the planet compared to them, and although they'll undoubtedly bring great benefits and scientific breakthroughs to the city of Heluvik, they are also hiding a dark and dangerous past."

To check out all the individual renders for this release, visit the open post on our Patreon page here: Full Release Preview

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