What is Print Minis?

We’re Andy & Gem, and we create grim dieselpunk STL miniatures every month on Patreon and MMF Tribes 🙂 The files are for resin 3D printers and are pre-supported.

Our collections exist in the world of Mortuus Secunda. A brutal planet of extremes, from the smog chocked warrens of the industrial Hab Stacks heaving with manufacturing and trade, to the sprawling and desolate Brinklands, where bandits roam outside the city limits and unknown creatures lurk beneath the sands.

Each monthly collection is linked to the last with interchangeable terrain and ever expanding factions. Our collections are released four times across the month on Miniature Mondays! Each week, we will also keep you up to date with the collection's progress in FYI Friday posts. Tell us your opinion and shape the miniatures 🙂

Our scale is 28 - 32mm heroic.

October's Collection So Far:


When you join our Tribe, you will immediately gain access to the Welcome Pack! This contains a selection of the most popular miniatures from our Mortuus Secunda series.

In July 2022, we changed our scale to 28mm heroic and our model style to grim dieselpunk, set on the planet of Mortuus Secunda. All monthly release from that date are back compatible and build on each other.

In the Welcome Pack, you receive the Colossus Heavy Transporter and the Modular Shipping Container kit. Many of our future releases will build on these core parts.

You also get the Poison Mistress and her Chem Workshop from our Female Gang range; the infantry from our Kaledon Fortis army range; Chief Danakil from our Erroish Wastelanders range; and finally Cressida, a Bounty Hunter from the city stacks of Mortuus.


When you join our Tribe, you immediately gain access to this month's Throwback Pack! This is the last month that we will be offering a throwback collection. 

All the models in the Throwback series come from Jan 2021 - June 2022 when we covered a variety of different sci-fi topics, and our scale was in non-heroic at 36mm.

This pack will change each month and will always contain models from three previous collections!

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How do I sign up?

Our collections are available as a monthly subscription on Patreon and My Mini Factory Tribes! Also, once you become a Patron, you'll receive an exclusive 50% discount code to use on past collections on our My Mini Factory store!
  • We are exploring the Grim Dieselpunk world of Mortuus Secunda, so each monthly collection adds onto the next.
  • Many of our terrain kits are highly modular and compatible with other popular game systems
  • Pay on the day you sign up and then monthly on the 1st of the month.
  • Cancel anytime before the renewal date, no commitments.
  • Get access to the pre-supported files and unsupported files for every monthly collection
  • Download the Welcome Pack too
  • We share our files via MMF so you will always have access to them - no rushing to download everything before the end of the month
  • Be part of a community and vote for future themes, suggesting the models we could sculpt 🙂

Why Should I Sign Up?

Epic sci-fi themes and unique miniatures to bring diversity to your tabletop games!

We thoroughly support & print test all models for your peace of mind.

Subscribe to our Tribe to get massive STL releases for just $12.50 & 50% off our store!
We ask for feedback every month and we listen - you shape the collections.
Our monthly models add to previous releases, so you can collect the sets
Directly support our small, passionate team so we can create epic miniatures.

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