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What is Print Minis?

Print Minis is a small sculpting team founded by Andy & Gem to create epic collections of 3D sci-fi miniatures each month. Our models are 3D printable using an SLA resin printer for use in your tabletop games or to paint as collectors sets.

We create more than 20 miniatures for the collections every month! They include a balance of characters, robots/ aliens, vehicles and terrain. The collections are cohesive and are based in the same Dieselpunk world. We pre-support all the miniatures and test them extensively on our printers, so you can simply click & print.

You can support our small team of creators by subscribing monthly to our Patreon channel for just $10. Past monthly collections are available for sale on My Mini Factory, and you'll get a 60% discount on them if you become a patron!

Print Minis Merchants

On our Patreon channel we also have a tier for merchants, giving people a license to sell the printed versions of our 3D miniatures. This is a great option if you'd like to start earning money from your hobby! It also means if you don't have a 3D printer, you can buy copies of our physical miniatures from these independent sellers.

We have a list of the merchants that have provided their store details to us here:

Our Merchants

What's in October's STL collection?


Doomsday Release storyline:

"Zavoda was a bleak place. The site of an uprising decades ago on the outskirts of the megacity of New Haven, and since abandoned to time. It was the perfect location for a factory designed to build nightmares, since no-one could hear the screams or explosions. It was here that The Overseer crafted his Iron Acolytes, an unwilling fusion of man and machine. Once dissenters against The Authority, they now worked for it.

Zavoda Factory was also where the alien power cores had been taken. Authority scouts had discovered a crashed alien ship in the wastelands, and Victor Ivanov had immediately tasked The Overseer to turn the unusual energy into a weapon. It was nothing like the oil and gas that powered the planet, and when harnessed, it would make him unstoppable. The Desolation Engine was almost finished.

The Maslo Group heroes had fought a hard battle at Kovac Station and had captured one of the alien power cores. But after interrogating Ursula Zorn, a grizzled Authority Officer, they learned grim news. Dozens of cores had already made it to Zavoda for use in a project of immense power. 'It will end your pathetic little rebellion and everyone who supported you.' Zorn sneered, 'The Central District is going to burn.'

News of this plan made it to the suppressed workers of the district. Realizing the peril they now faced, every able man and woman united to form the District Army and marched to support the Maslo Group. Together, they hatched a plan to assault the Zavoda Factory and destroy Victor’s weapon. Their fleet of repurposed mining machines turned into APCs, and the Wallbreaker artillery guns would have to be enough. They were going to rain down destruction and hellfire with everything they had!

Unbeknownst to everyone locked into this deadly battle, a new player had arrived on Exosia. The Zeki are a highly advanced alien race and had been perturbed by the loss of a recent shipment of energy cores. Sent alone, Aramak was tracking the energy signature given off by the cells and had come across a sprawling, dank stain of a city, heaving with machinery and belching smoke from great chimneys spanning the horizon. It was disgusting, and the sooner he could retrieve the power cores, the better.

Will the Maslo Group stop Victor before the gargantuan Desolation Engine is powered up? And what does the arrival of the Zeki mean for our once isolated diesel planet?"

To check out all the individual renders for this release, visit the open post on our Patreon page here: Full Release Preview

Dieselpunk Welcome Pack


If you subscribe to our Patreon channel to get awesome monthly STLs, you'll receive the current month's collection - Space Pirates incl. 25 miniatures - as well as our Dieselpunk Welcome Pack! It contains the most popular miniatures from our Dieselpunk collection - the five heroes, five Diesel Troopers, Huntsman Hover Tank and the Goliath Combat Robot. There are two Build Guides and three detailed Painting Tutorials for those miniatures on our Patreon channel.

If you love the Dieselpunk collection, which you can see the full set of here, it's actually available to purchase on our My Mini Factory store. If you subscribe to the Print Minis Patreon channel, you'll receive an exclusive 60% discount code for the MMF store so you can buy the rest of the collection at an awesome price!

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