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What is Print Minis?

Print Minis is a small studio that creates epic collections of 3D sci-fi miniatures each month. Our models are 3D printable using a resin printer for use in your tabletop games or to paint as collectors sets.

We create 30+ miniatures for the collections every month! They include a balance of characters, robots/ aliens, vehicles and terrain. The collections are cohesive and are based in the same Dieselpunk world. We pre-support all the miniatures and test them extensively on our printers, so you can simply click & print.

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Print Minis Merchants

On our Tirbes channel we also have a tier for merchants, giving people a license to sell the printed versions of our 3D miniatures. This is a great option if you'd like to start earning money from your hobby! It also means if you don't have a 3D printer, you can buy copies of our physical miniatures from these independent sellers.

We have a list of the merchants that have provided their store details to us here:

Our Merchants

What's in the Print Minis sci-fi collection this month?


Collection Storyline:

"Brigette Holt has always been good at fixing anything mechanical, which is a great skill to have in the city of Zadorn. Her father had been a senior robotics engineer for the Apex Group, so it was no surprise that Bri spent her childhood living and breathing robotics in her father's secret home workshop. He had always thought she would join him at the Apex Group, but after an 'accident' at work caused his death, Bri grew to hate the Corps. Unable to shake her anger, she left Upper Down and continued to pursue her love for robotics on the 'Flipside'. As the years passed by, she became one of the most skilled robot manufacturers in Lower Dorn.

Brigette's best friend is Zara Goldhand, who has always been good at breaking things, mostly faces! This is also a useful skill to have in Zadorn and it has made her infamous. Acting as the brutality and cunning to Bri's intelligence and vision, they formed a terrifying team. Their robotic creations, nicknamed zBots, have become shockingly sophisticated machines of destruction, and are widely sought after in the Flipside. While being highly illegal, unlicensed robot manufacturing is far more profitable than any 'honest' work to be found in Lower Dorn. So for months, Brigette and Zara have been creating zBots in secret at the Express Garage in the industrial part of the city. In the daytime, the garage fixes broken down Express Runner Taxis and then at night, the real work begins. Business is booming.

The problem with normal folk manufacturing their own robots is that it makes them more powerful, and that can give people ideas above their station. The Corps can't have that, and so Detective Lucius Welles has been diligently on the case of zBots for the last few weeks. Having finally got his hands on a semi functional unit, which had been damaged before it could self-destruct (after it killed 13 New Dawn gang members!), he's finally discovered the location of the Holt secret workshop. A deadly night time raid is about to take place in the Flipside. The Watch are bringing drones, Bulwark Riot Vehicles, and plenty of boots on the ground to take this illegal enterprise down!"

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