What is Diesel Overlord?

Diesel Overlord is a Dieselpunk themed 2-player skirmish game created by Punk Overlord Games and designed to be played with any miniatures from your own collection. If you regularly buy and print 3D miniatures, but don't have a game system to play them with, Diesel Overlord can help!

We loved this idea and teamed up with Punk Overlord Games to create a FREE set of unique character cards for our 3D Dieselpunk miniatures that can be used with their core game rules.

To play, just download the free unit cards and core game rules.

If you like the miniatures featured on the Unit Cards, you can buy all the STLs over on our My Mini Factory store to print at home!


Play the Diesel Overlord game

If you love Dieselpunk miniatures and would like to play a 2-player skirmish game set in our universe, you can download the game cards for free below, and the rules from Punk Overlord Games' website. If you have a resin printer, you can also buy our 3D miniatures and play with the exact characters on the card set!
Diesel Overlord - Print & Play

These FREE Print & Play Unit cards are branded using the Print Minis Dieselpunk models.

Download the Unit Cards by clicking the button below. Use your own minis as stand ins or buy our STLs!

You can then download the most up to date Diesel Overlord rules on the Punk Overlord website by clicking the button below.

Unit Cards
Game Rules
Diesel Overlord - 3D Minis

The Diesel Overlord Print & Play Unit cards use our Dieselpunk miniatures. If you'd like to print them, you can buy them on our My Mini Factory store.

Then use those characters to create your own skirmish games on the tabletop, following the Diesel Overlord rules!

If you subscribe to our Patreon channel first, you'll get a 60% off discount code to use against your purchases!

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The Dieselpunk Story

The sprawling metropolis of New Haven is under the iron control of Viktor Ivanov and The Authority - his own personal army. Coming from old money, Viktor has a complete monopoly of the oil and gas fuel supplies sustaining the island. His rule is absolute.

While the wealthy live privileged lives behind the shinning metal walls of Sun City, the rest of the population live hard lives working in the Central District. Factories and industry stretch as far as the eye can see, and smog hangs thickly in the air. Food and supplies are carefully controlled by Viktor and the poorer workers in Central do not have enough. The death rate is too high and the future is bleak.

The Maslo Group was founded to fill this hope vacuum. They are a brave, highly trained and well organised group of smugglers breaking into Viktor's heavily guarded supply trains and stealing food, medicine and fuel. They distribute this across the Central District to help those most in need. Viktor cannot allow this insolence to stand.

The Authority are rolling out into Central to take down The Maslo Group's headquarters, which have recently been discovered. They are bringing an arsenal of weapons, from a massive combat robot called The Goliath to a hover tank known as The Huntsman, all headed by an elite group of trained soldiers known as The Volk. Our smuggling heroes must defend their supply base and defend the workers of New Haven from this tyranny. Everything is at stake today. Without The Maslo Group, who will people turn to? They must win this fight and prevail!

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