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The Simii is from December's In Orbit release - check out the full render below!

The In Orbit Storyline

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"Victor Ivanov had always known that his power was precarious on land. Surrounded on all sides by enemy cities and with a history of revolution from his own people, he resolved long ago to keep one eye on space. Exosia was a colonised planet and deep in its history, pioneers had settled there from a larger galactic empire. Space technology was then lost to the annals of time. But not anymore. Victor unearthed the lost documents and with the intelligence of his own scientists, he began building an extra-terrestrial base for The Authority on Exosia’s largest moon, Volos.

The Devana Space Station orbits Volos and currently houses The Authority’s Command and Control Centre for Space Activities (the C.C.S.A), with a substantial work force already in place on the station. Their role is two-fold - to defend Victor’s grip on Orbital Space and to construct Zoriuska Prime, an expansive moon base that will extract valuable Helium 3 upon its completion.

Devana is a beacon of Authority ingenuity - a gargantuan vessel, it easily contains squadrons of highly adaptable Raider Void Fighters and banks of Shrikes - long range anti-ship and bombardment rockets. Victor is taking no chances with his dominance in space. Also on board the station is a state of the art engineering sector, training facilities, and a technology research centre. Once Zoriuska Prime is finished, Victor will be near unstoppable in space.

Not everything is going to plan though, and change is coming to Exosia. The Zeki aliens recently discovered this ‘backwater planet’ when tracking their lost energy cores. But once there, the Zeki found something terrible - traces of an ancient alien technology in the cold north of the planet. A cataclysmic threat thought dormant for centuries. If the crystals are allowed to spread and ‘activate’ the planet, it will spell disaster for the galaxy. The Zeki now have no choice but take more direct action on Exosia, starting by conquering Volos as their base of operations.

Expecting little resistance from such a primitive civilization, the Zeki first send their Harvester robots to disable the Devana Space Station. With all systems down, those onboard would quickly die, leaving the station and moon clear for the arrival of Zeki troops. However, as the Zeki will soon find out, The Authority is far harder to wipe out than expected and this small insignificant planet will prove a force to be reckoned with in the coming war."

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