What's in the Dimozian Sands Collection?

Our Dimozian Sands set of miniatures are designed to be printed on an SLA resin printer. The collection contains 20 miniatures plus 18 scenic bases, available both unsupported and pre-supported. They are now available for just $10 if you subscribe to the Print Minis Patreon channel in June 2021. Check out what you get below:
Characters - 10

SEVERN characters from The Blessed sect, who believe in living in harmony with the desert and worship the might desert beasts:

  • Adeleka - the esteemed leader of The Blessed
  • Kasiya - the Beast Tamer
  • The Sirocco - modular desert warriors, which you can make at least five distinct characters from using the masked hero option & two unique faces

THREE Well Divers from The Engineers sect who are never seen outside their pressurised diving suits. It is their job to protect and maintain the Wells.

Machines - 5

The Well Runners:

  • The Light Well Runner vehicle with modular options - either a turret weapon or water tanks on the back, or sensors vs a harpoon on the front.
  • The Heavy Well Runner with a giant drill

The Well Head:

  • A large scenery kit of the Well Head with customisability
  • A stackable Water Tower
  • Connecting pipes to attach the Well Head to the Water Towers

The Armed Dust Stalker alien with a quad gun rig mounted to it's body!

Aliens & Terrain - 5

Dust Stalker:

  • A massive multi-part desert alien with two pose options
  • A version of the Dust Stalker that is mounted with guns!

Water Seekers:

  • THREE different versions of these creatures, which are the larval stage of the mighty Dust Stalker and who posses the ability to locate water sources in the desert.

A desert rock terrain piece and 18 alien desert bases with unique plants & shrubs!

The Dimozian Sands Story

Dimozia had once been a mighty desert city in the Southern Sands, before the space debris hit. Less than a fifth of the population escaped as the city was levelled and consumed by fire. The bombardment also disrupted the water supply, making their barren homeland even harder to survive in.

In the aftermath of this disaster, two different factions emerged. The Blessed believed the Great Burning was a sign that they should live in harmony with the desert, working in tandem with nature from now on. They leaned into old traditions, reviving the ancient art of Beast Taming which uses the young larva of the mighty Dust Stalkers to locate water sources. The adults are then used for transportation and protection, revered as sacred beasts. Adeleka leads the spiritual faction, with Kasiya the Beast Tamer as her second.

The other faction to survive were The Engineers led by The Commission. They decided to survive in the desert by conquering it through their technology. They live underground in habitation domes, and are never seen outside of their sealed vehicles or their pressure suits whenever they’re on the sandy surface. For them, harvesting and maintaining water is essential, and their core of Well Divers are greatly respected. The Well Divers excavate and maintain the Wells, protecting the Well Heads from any threat.

For decades, there was conflict between these two factions, as they disagreed on how to live in the desert and how to manage the water supplies. Skirmishes broke out every now and then, until one day, The Blessed and The Engineers mysteriously reunited their peoples. An outside influence seemed to have brought them together, and they now work diligently to rebuild the once great city of Dimozia.

Beasts alongside machines as one race, technology and the spiritual united. What caused this change or why they are now rebuilding after so many decades, no-one knows. The rest of the world can only watch as this strange shift occurs in the Southern Sands.

The Dieselpunk Story

The sprawling metropolis of New Haven is under the iron control of Viktor Ivanov and The Authority - his own personal army. Coming from old money, Viktor has a complete monopoly of the oil and gas fuel supplies sustaining the island. His rule is absolute.

While the wealthy live privileged lives behind the shinning metal walls of Sun City, the rest of the population live hard lives working in the Central District. Factories and industry stretch as far as the eye can see, and smog hangs thickly in the air. Food and supplies are carefully controlled by Viktor and the poorer workers in Central do not have enough. The death rate is too high and the future is bleak.

The Maslo Group was founded to fill this hope vacuum. They are a brave, highly trained and well organised group of smugglers breaking into Viktor's heavily guarded supply trains and stealing food, medicine and fuel. They distribute this across the Central District to help those most in need. Viktor cannot allow this insolence to stand.

The Authority are rolling out into Central to take down The Maslo Group's headquarters, which have recently been discovered. They are bringing an arsenal of weapons, from a massive combat robot called The Goliath to a hover tank known as The Huntsman, all headed by an elite group of trained soldiers known as The Volk. Our smuggling heroes must defend their supply base and defend the workers of New Haven from this tyranny. Everything is at stake today. Without The Maslo Group, who will people turn to? They must win this fight and prevail!

The Blessed Sect characters

The Blessed are thankful to the Sand Goddess for surviving the bombardment of their once great city. In order to reply her for sparing them, they live in harmony with the desert, seeking out natural water sources and working with the native wildlife. They are at one with the desert and respect it, following the old traditions of Beast Taming to survive. 

The desert aliens

The Southern Sands are a harsh environment, burning hot during the day and cold at night. Since the Great Burning, water is harder to locate. However the Dust Stalkers still continue to thrive in this searing world. It takes 20 years for them to reach their adult size and while they are in their larval stage, The Blessed tame them to work with humans and even arm the adults for war, should things come to that. 

The engineers sect characters

After the disaster that levelled their city, The Engineers leaning into technology, developing their homes deep underground to avoid the burning desert sun. They farm underground and use the water syphoned from their great wells to irrigate and sustain their community. The most respect of their kind are the Well Divers who locate, dig, maintain and defer the Water Wells. 

The Desert Runners

Building and maintaining the wells takes a lot of work, and in order to help them, The Engineer's have built state of the art Desert Runner vehicles. They carry important equipment back and forth to the wells including a massive ground drill, as well as transporting water. They can also be fully outfitted with weapons if they ever need to be used for defence, and are heavily armoured. Plus, the air conditioning makes them the perfect vehicle for travelling across the hot desert plains!

the well scenery

In order to build up the Southern Sands desert environment, and to help integrate water as a huge part of the new combined community of Engineers and Blessed, we've added the well head & water tower as part of this month's terrain set. Fully modular and customisable, you can create a fully operational water extraction and storage facilities. It could also be a great objective for defending in a tabletop battle!

The Scenic Bases

Finally, to showcase the beautiful and harsh desert environment of the Southern Sands, we have 18 stunning scenic bases as part of this collection, plus one large scenery piece - a giant desert rock! You'll find a sandy, dry ground covered with unusual alien desert plants.

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