About Us

Hi, we're Andy and Gemma! We're obsessed with printing miniatures to paint and collect, and decided to start Print Minis to provide epic, story-focused and diverse miniatures, bringing to life the many distinctive sci-fi themes out there 🙂

Before Print Minis, we ran a monthly subscription box company for miniature painters called Asset Drop (www.assetdrop.co). For three incredible years we designed tailored kits for tabletop gamers to build and paint as a way to push their creativity and learn some new skills. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we've had to put that company on hold and are now focusing our efforts on printing miniatures. We promise to provide the same level of care and service to our Patreon subscribers that we did for the Asset Drop community. Since we're new to 3D printable miniatures, you can check out our Asset Drop reviews on Facebook and subscriber posts on Instagram (#assetdrop) so you know you're in good hands!

With Print Minis, our aim is to cover a different sci-fi aesthetic each month. Our collections will always have two sides - the bad guys and the good guys! This means you can use the miniatures in your tabletop games as well as make enthralling dioramas out of them. Each character and machine will have a backstory and will fit into the rich world we've imagined for our collection to help bring the miniatures to life 😀

A big focus is also modularity, giving you the opportunity to customise the machines with different weapon options and poses. You can simply pick and print your favourite combination, or you can print two different versions of a model, giving you more miniatures for your money!

We're also going to be featuring Miniature Painting Tutorials for each collection, giving you ideas on how to paint your sci-fi models once you've printed them! These will be step by step instructions with detailed photos, even possible for beginners to follow. After all, printing your miniatures is only the first step 🙂 The professional miniature painter who worked with us over at Asset Drop will be providing these.

Finally, we just wanted to say how much we love the miniature painting and printing communities. We were overwhelmed by the support we receive at Asset Drop for our subscription boxes and are excited to be able to work in the hobby through Print Minis. Our goal is to tell stories through our STL collections and to make people happy with the products that we provide 🙂

If you need anything you can email Gemma on: support@printminis.co


Terms and Conditions

You can read our Terms and Conditions page here. By purchasing our STLs, you are agreeing to these Ts and Cs. Please made sure you read them!